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What are By-Laws?

Bylaws for a non-profit are both a legal document and a roadmap for the organizations actions.  A required element when forming a corporation, bylaws are a form of agreement or contract between the corporation and its owners/members to act in a certain way.

Do I have a say in the By-Laws?

Yes.  New Bylaws can be proposed to the Secretary or Director for review and voting.  If the bylaw passes the board review it will be submitted for members vote prior to or at the annual members meeting.

When were SHYLAX'S Bylaws last updated?

SHYLAX has not updated it's bylaws since inception.  We have implemented some policies and procedures by practice.  It was our intent to operate for a season or two and then work with our members to update our bylaws.  In this way, we ensure that our bylaws are best suited for our league, operations and members.

Where can I view the current bylaws?

You can view South Huntington Youth Lacrosse, Inc.'s current bylaws by clicking on the link below:

 SHYLAX BYLAWS as of 6-18-2018.pdf 

When is the next vote?

General Bylaws are voted on at the Annual Members Meeting held on the third Monday of June each year.

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