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Do I have to live in South Huntington to join SHYLAX?

Yes and No.

To participate in our clinics, summer lax or tournament programs you DO NOT need to be a South Huntington resident.

PAL travel program (Spring) does require that you reside in the South Huntington School district.

What equipment does my athlete need to play?


Helmet, gloves, chest pad, mouth piece, stick and cleats.


Goggles, stick, mouth piece and cleats.

Can I play in the spring for another town if I live in South Huntington?

No.  PAL rules for spring travel programs dictate that if the town in which you reside has a program and/or team you must play there.  Under rare circumstances, relocation, etc. a town may issue a release to play in a another town.

SHYLAX does comply and fully enforces this rule and it is our practice not to release players to other towns. 

Does SHYLAX provide equipment?

At the moment we do not have a loaner equipment program.  HOWEVER, our community is a lacrosse town and we have received many donations of sticks, gloves and other equipment.  If your child needs equipment please do not let that be the determining factor - reach out to us at and we will see what we can do to assist.  We help dress 2-6 players every season.

What if my town does not have a lacrosse program or a team for my child's grade?

If your town does not have a program then you may participate with a town that does.  If your town does have a program, but does not have a team, they will customarily provide a release for your child to play in another town.

SHYLAX will not accept players from towns if there is a programs and a team for an athlete to play on.

Do I have to pay the registration fees up front?

SHYLAX offers our members several options for payment.  We do require payment in full prior to the start of the season, but offer several payment plans which may be selected at time of registration.  This is applicable to travel programs only.

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